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Best Financial Advisors Malaysia |

PFA ASIA featured in best financial advisors Malaysia by Product Nation

We are happy to announce that Product Nation has featured PFA ASIA in the category of Best Financial Advisors Malaysia   Over the past 15 years, PFA ASIA has served many Malaysians and Expatriate clients on personal and business financial matters.   Each of our clients have dreams. From the […]

PFA Asia Best financial advsiors |

PFA ASIA in best financial advisors Malaysia by Trusted Malaysia

It take great pride that PFA ASIA is listed in the category of Best Financial Advisors Malaysia. We are here to professionally serve Malaysians and Expatriate clients on personal and business financial matters. Each of our clients have dreams. However most of the time, they store the dreams in the […]

financial planning |

What is Financial Planning?

There is very wide definition of financial planning. First of all you have to know who the audience or client is. Is it an individual or family, or a business or a large organization? Financial planning for individuals and family generally covers: Understanding your financial goals, Planning for life stages, […]

Muslim estate planning-5 |

5 stages of Islamic estate distribution

5 stages to Islamic Estate Distribution There is assumption that for Muslims, it is no need to do estate planning since their estate is already covered under the Faraid law of inheritance. This assumption is questionable and incorrect because under the Probate & Administration Act 1959 (revised 1972) all deceased [...]
Stages of estate distribution-1 |

5 stages to estate administration

5 stages to Estate Administration Stage 1. File petition of the appointment of Personal Representatives First thing in the estate administration process is to locate ther important papers related to the estate, such as Will, burial memorial instructions, Trust documents etc. Study the estate documents in front of the family […]

Stuck in paperwork |

3 steps to business succession

3 steps to business succession planning Step 1. Clarify your business needs by looking at the 5 factors to consider in your exit strategy planning. Evaluate : Your business future potential Your financial liquidity needs Your future role in the business Your industry business outlook Your investors / funders expectation […]

Pass your business |

5 deciding factors affecting your business exit strategy

Deciding factors on exit planning Factor 1 : Your business future potential If your business has strong growth potential, solid trade name or branding, you may want to choose an exit strategy that allows you to retain an ownership interest to participate in the company’s future growth. Acquisition strategy – eliminate […]

AEC vision 2020 |

AEC – Your next opportunity?

Next Opportunity : ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) ASEAN is a diverse and economically dynamic grouping of 10 Asian countries, namely Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myammar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is envisioned to be the realization of ASEAN economic integration by 2015. Under the tag […]

5 steps to Investment portfolio |

5 steps to investment portfolio

How should I construct my portfolio? These are the suggested steps you can set up for investing success: Step 1. Decide on your asset class mix Start with “110-your age” rule to put the percentage in equities/shares. So if you are 40, put 70% (110 minus 40). If you would […]

Know your asset class |

Know your investment asset classes

Know your investment asset classes Investing in different asset classes is a good way to reduce risk. By spreading your funds across different asset classes you remove the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket – i.e. the risk that you will choose the wrong asset class at […]