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Want to Get Credit Cards? Wait!!! 

Is credit card a necessity, a luxury, or merely a tool? 

How do you decide if you should have one? Or more? And which ones?

Let’s have a brief overview of the Merits and Demerits of owning a credit card, and then the ultimate list of credit card fees and charges you should be aware of. 

Merits of Owning A Credit Card:
1.To increase your Purchasing Power
2. Efficient Payment Solution especially for Online Purchases. 
3. Less Cash to carry around. Convenient Option for Frequent Travelers. 
4 .Discounts, Rebates, and Reward System

Demerits of Owning A Credit Card:
1. Unbudgetted purchasing freedom, resulting to overspending unconsciously. 
2.Credit card security issues
3.The interest rates, applicable fees and hidden charges

Ultimately, we have compiled for you a list of the Credit Card charges and fees you might want to ask your bankers the next time you are about to swipe your card.

1.Universal default: rate hikes just because you inquire about car loans or open a new credit card account. 
2.Teaser rates: low introductory rate that can hike up by 30%! 
3. Minimum payment: you’ll end up paying for way more than you are charged. 
4. Change of Terms: read the fine print disclosure terms, 
“We reserve the right to change the terms (including the APRs) at any time for any reason.” A fixed rate is fixed until the bank gives you at least 15 days notice that it isn’t.

5.Cash advance/ convenience cheques : Higher interest rates than your credit card rates!
6.Penalty Interests and Fees: can be from 7% to 18% In addition to a Fee for exceeding  credit limit!
7.On Time payment: the systematic statement mailing system that gives you less turnaround time to pay your bills on time if you rely on statements to remind our bills. 
8. Balance transfer : multiple balance transfers hurt your Credit Scores!
9. Fees, fees and more fees!
10.Exchange rates for overseas credit card purchase. 
11.Surcharge from Issuing Banks for overseas credit card purchase. 
12.Currency exchange fees from VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS for overseas credit card purchases. 
13.National Banks’ charges on usage of overseas ATM. 

Your Credit Score determines your Interest Rates.
In case you are not aware, Debit Cards can be a good alternative when it comes to online payments or convenience of payment methods. The only obvious set back is that Debit Cards do not give you credit advances, thus no increase in purchasing power.

Before we end, we would like to wrap up this post with a friendly note,
Credit Card is a tool to ease purchasing transactions in today’s modern world. 

It is a double edge sword, if you use it wisely, you are enjoying a interest free period with the purchase you made. On the other hand, if your credit card debts are not settled on time, the evil effect of interest compounding will definitely burn a BIG hole in your pocket. The costs to it can be phenomenal if uncontrolled spending behavior is practiced.
Use it wisely. 

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