How to avoid IDENTITY THEFT ?

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Identity theft occurs when your personal sensitive data is duplicated or stolen and someone becomes “You” and take control of your financial identity. The impact of the identity theft could be disastrous to the real owner.

The less sophisticated thief may forge your credit cards information and go on a spending spree. For the more high tech or sophisticated thieves could even applying loans, opening new bank accounts, cashing out cheques or go to the extent of using the bank account for money laundering purpose. 

DETECT identity theft 
1. fraudulent or unexplained transaction on the credit card, especially on overseas transactions.
2. receiving calls or letters from debt collectors, or delivery of the merchandise you have never purchased.
3. sudden stop of mails especially your credit card or bank statements, as the identity thief could have “changed”  the correspondence address.
4. being informed on the loan outstanding you have never borrowed, or being decline of the loan application because of the outstanding loan installments not settled.

Here are a few types of identify theft and how you can avoid it.
Clear your cache after each time after exiting the website whether you are performing the transaction at home or in the office. This will ensure that your transaction have been cleared.                                          

Phone Numbers
Customer service number of your credit card should be store in a very safe place beside in your mobile phone. This important numbers include those that related to your personal documents.


DON’T use personal information numbers as password when you perform online transaction. People are generally use numbers that they can easily remember like their birthday or identity card number. When a thief steals your wallet that the number that they will try first. Always use strong and non-obvious password.


Update your anti-virus software regularly. This will ensure that your computer is well protected from crime-ware threats.
Hard copy documents
Always shred important documents that contain your personal information. Don’t just throw it into the rubbish bins. Every time you want to cancel your bank ATM, debit or credit cards, cut the card into half, make sure your destroy the chip too. 

Credit card
Monitor your credit card. Check your financial status every now and then. Simply just bring your Mykad to Bank Negara to obtain a latest copy of your credit report. Your credit card is as important as your cash, keep an eye on where your credit card goes each time your make a transaction.

Bank Statement

Even though is relatively safe nowadays, it is advise to check your bank statement each time for suspicious deposits or withdrawals.
Reference :
US Federal Trade Commission on Identity Theft

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