Platinum or Diamond, which is more expensive ?

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Platinum, with chemical name of Pt is a rare metal, whitish in colour, long wearing, highly polish and usually is associated in jewelry as the combination of diamond and platinum rings, necklaces, pendants. 

When one is asked : Diamond vs Platinum, which one is more expensive ? Many will vote for Diamond as it takes high pressurization with long formation years to transform carbon to a crystal clear, sparkling diamonds.

Less known to many, most of the world platinum come from South Africa and Platinum are widely use in automotive industry, electronic and oil refineries. Platinum are used in catalytic converters in the new cars, that convert the poisonous exhaust gas into water and harmless substances.  It is also use as catalysts in oil refinery, chemical industries, hard disc, computer monitors, electronic instrumentation as well. Do you know that automotive industry consume about 50% of world platinum demand while jewelry industry only account for 20% of world platinum consumption ?

Platinum are sold in the form of bars or bullions, stamped and with an indication of the percentage of platinum used. For example, Pt1000 (pure platinum), Pt999 (999 parts per thousand platinum and one part other metal). In the jewelry industry, a platinum ring containing 950 parts platinum or better is considered a high grade platinum. Other 50 parts are alloy used like iridium, palladium to give a bright finish and strength.
As Platinum is not regarded as money like Gold or Silver, high net worth investors has started to buy platinum as collectible items and not for trade. Hence Platinum price is relatively stable without much hikes.

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