Should I invest in Gold or Silver ?

Should I invest in Gold |

In our interaction and discussions with clients or friends, we have always been asked a RED HOT question : ” Should I invest in Gold or Silver ?”

Just like any other investments, it is always a tug of war game of Risk vs Rewards. 
In view of many has asked this RED HOT question, we have compiled a series of precious metal investing and let start with Gold.
At the time of writing, Gold has reached USD 1,771 per ounce.
Gold is a class of precious metals. Traditional people will keep or buy golds for different reasons :

Gold is traditional money
Gold is treated as a currency and as investment product for thousand of years. As a precious metal, it is a symbol of wealth. Furthermore, gold bullions are usually passed on from generations to generations. 

Human affinity on gold
Would you agree most of us like golden coloured items ? Do you like to hold, see, or touch a stack of gold ingots ?  Hence, gold find its value in jewelry industry, art and investors.

Gold has intrinsic value
Despite the fact Gold also does not pay dividends or interests. But gold has always able to command a intrinsic value as many industrial processes or high tech equipment need gold as a conductor. Gold is a metal that is nonreactive, conductive, soft and easily formed. 

Fear of money currency devaluation
Ever since 1971 when the US dollar is no longer backed by gold, governments have printed loads of paper money to support the economy growth. Many have feared the growing debts would overcome the government ability to contain it. So, gold is view as a hedge on the possible collapse or devaluation of the paper money currency.
In summary, precious metals like gold could be “insurance to protect a person real wealth“. However, one should study and understand the market timing, pricing and determine your own investment strategy.
So, should I invest in Gold or Silver then ? Stay tuned with us and we will unveil more in the next series..
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