MILESTONE 8: Surviving a Mid-Life crisis

Mid life crisis |
A midlife crisis is experienced between the ages of 40 and 60. It was first identified by the psychologist Carl Jung and is a normal part of the maturing process. Most people will experience some form of emotional transition during that time of life. A transition that might cause them to take stock in where they are in life and make some needed adjustments to the way they live their life. Most seem to come through the process smoothly without making major life changes.
For some, a midlife crisis is more complicated. It can be an uncomfortable time emotionally which can lead to depression and the need for psychotherapy.
1. Do only what you can afford to
Do you think you’re stuck on your current path? Did you know that you and only you create your reality? The life you are living now…it was created by you, whether you planned it or not.
Most people float through life in a boat with no oars. They bounce from situation to situation not really know how they got there. Some of the situations work out and others don’t. What causes these situations? Your thoughts and beliefs for the most part. Whatever you think or believe…that is what you will get. That is what the universe/god will bring you. If you focus on tainted food all the time what do you think you will always get? Focus your thoughts and your attention on what you desire. Work through the negative beliefs that you have, change them to be positive. Change yourself within…to change your life.
2. Finance and Work- Still Living paycheque to paycheque ?
Living on salary received through pay cheques has to be one of the most stressful ways of living. The question is, why are you still living that way? You aren’t a teen or a twenty something or even a thirty something. You, yes, I’m going to say it…is middle-aged. What? Your finances aren’t in order? Investments are a great option. But you may say I don’t have money to invest. Ok then…you need to increase your income. What about starting a business? You could do the old brick and mortar style business or join the ever increasing number of individuals making a fortune online.
3. Relationships – tied down or are you having the time of your life?
Either you are married, divorced or single. No matter how you look at it you probably have or have had an unhappy relationship. Divorce is most common in middle aged relationships. Many times the relationship is blamed for your unhappiness. Some divorced and are happy…others divorced and find they are still unhappy. Re-examine what you want in life, reflect who are important to you and what are you making a living for may lead you to real answers in life.

Around mid-life everyone goes maniac a little bit.Tom Berenger


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